what we do

dogventures is our twist on dog daycare. it’s entirely outdoors, includes leash-free vineyard hikes, and takes a limited number of guests each day.  we figured why not embrace Napa Valley’s idyllic weather and outdoor lifestyle?  so we took a leap of faith and started our business with the simple goal of giving other dogs what we’d like for our own pack. every adventure provides important ingredients that help dogs thrive and be the best version of themselves possible: social interaction, physical exercise, and the ability to make choices in a safe setting.  

limited occupancy

over our many years living, playing, and working with dogs we’ve noticed they thrive in smaller, more intimate groups rather than large ones.  from the very beginning we knew that we’d limit attendance to ten dogs each day.  on some days, it’s even fewer.  it simply depends on the energy level and personality of each dog. 

our mission

the lessons we’ve learned from our dogs are many, but these are sacrosanct: regular physical exercise, mental stimulation, engaging activities, and plenty of fresh air and open space with their human.  inspired by our own pack, we’re on a mission to stimulate minds and burn-off excess energy so that your dog thrives.

2019_spring (2).jpg

it’s been coined “the fun factory” by clients and friends alike.  we’ve filled it with agricultural-inspired objects to climb on, run around and perch upon; beds and cots to lounge on; and rugged toys to satiate dogs’ innate need to chew, mouth, and carry.  our base camp is approximately 4,000 square feet and is situated within a fully-fenced four acre vineyard.  by simply opening our back gate, we are able to take your dog — along with a few of her buddies — for a leash-free vineyard hike.  this is available each day for all dogs unless you request otherwise. 



we offer “á la carte” and monthly packages.

to keep continuity we prefer your dog to visit at least once per week as this helps promote consistency within playgroups and minimizes “jockeying for position”. however, we know that’s not always feasible.

packages are pre-paid and non-refundable.

Á LA CARTE (only when you need us): $65/day

4 PACK (4 days per month):  $200

8 PACK (8 days per month):  $400

12 PACK (12 days per month):  $564

16 PACK (16 days per month):  $736


Monday — Friday

8:30 to 1:30


Complete the Questionnaire. simply click here to be taken directly to the Questionnaire.  we’ll review it and contact you within 48 hours via email.  if we have any questions, we’ll ask you.

Sign the waiver + rules.  we’ll email you this once we’ve reviewed your completed questionnaire.  please read these two documents thoroughly.  if you have any questions, please ask us.  we’re happy to answer.  these docs can be signed digitally and returned via email or brought with you to our Meet + Greet.

Schedule our meet + greet.  we give you the tour of our HQ while your dog enjoys exploring her soon-to-be adventure park.  we’re proud of our place and what we have to offer.  we hope you are too and this gives you the opportunity to make sure dv meets your expectations.  it takes 15-30 minutes.

Make your dog’s reservations.  at the end of our successful Meet + Greet you’ll be able to schedule your dog’s adventures.  we’ll send you our monthly calendar with available days and you choose which ones you’d like.  let the fun begin!



get in touch: hike@dog-ventures.com