we offer adventures for active dogs. dogs with messy, awesome, exciting lives. it goes without saying, that there are inherent risks in dog ownership and in allowing dogs to play together.  here are some worthwhile things to know….

drop-off / pick-up

drop-off: 8:30am — 9:00am

pick-up: 1:00pm — 1:30pm

we’re stringent on our times in order to keep things peaceful and give all guests the attention they deserve. doors are locked after 9:00am and no admittance is allowed. late fees apply after 1:30.

collars + id tags

please make sure your dog is wearing one of her ‘everyday’ collars (buckle or quick-release) with attached ID for her adventures.  we will gladly remove and hang-up her harness or training collar upon arrival.


dogs must be up-to-date on the following: Bordetella, Rabies, Distemper, and Parvo.

flea + tick prevention

because dogventures is entirely outdoors we highly recommend that your dog receives regular monthly preventatives for flea and tick control.

contagious diseases

if your dog has a contagious disease, active diarrhea, or conjunctivitis (eye boogers) she needs to stay home until she is fully recovered.

spay / neuter policy

we don’t require dogs to be neutered or females to be spay. females cannot attend while they are “in heat”.

common sense

dogs use their teeth, paws, and body to interact and communicate with one another.  injuries can occur.  additionally, being outside comes with certain risks that you should be aware of: foxtails, rattlesnake bites, wasp/bee stings, ticks and fleas.

vineyard awareness

the vineyard is actively farmed for Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. the tidy rows are of vines are comprised of end row posts made from steel, wire to hold the drip line for irrigation, and wire to help train the vines — and at times, farming equipment. running into any of this can cause injury.

the short list

regrettably, we do not accept pit bull terriers, staffordshire bull terriers, presa canario, cane corso, or any other known fighting breeds.  we have to right to refuse ANY DOG for ANY reason.


when are you open?

Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 1:30pm.

how many dogs participate in dogventures each day?

a maximum of 10 dogs per day.

are your adventures entirely outdoors?

yes.  we adore the idyllic weather of Napa Valley and being outside makes us happy.  our canine guests enjoy the outdoors as much as we do — rain or shine.

will dv close due to inclement weather?

yes and no.  it depends on exactly what Mother Nature is doing.  fortunately, our climate is so mild that we don’t often need to close for this reason.  if it’s dangerous or really unpleasant outside we’ll contact you directly.

what is the ‘meet + greet’?

think of the ‘meet + greet’ as an interview for both you and your dog. you get to meet us, peruse our place, ask questions, and make sure it meets your expectations. it’s important you feel one hundred percent comfortable with the place + people you’re entrusting your dog with. it’s a great time to chat about any quirks and details that you’d like attended to.

during our ‘meet + greet’ will there be other dogs present?

no.  it’s one-on-one time so that we have the opportunity to get to know one another and not be distracted by other dogs.  your dog gets to explore our HQ at her leisure — taking it all in at her own pace.

how long does the ‘meet + greet’ take?

It takes approximately 30 minutes — depending on how much we chat or long it takes your dog to feel settled and comfortable.

must i purchase a monthly package or can my dog visit once in awhile?

we have found routine quite important in creating and maintaining a fun, happy, and carefree environment.  dogs are calmer when they are familiar with a specific place and when they know who their buddies are (less jockeying for position).

they know what to expect when they see each other on a regular basis.  so, that’s why we require a monthly package — knowing that at least once a week the same dog friend will show up for adventures.