what we do

dogventures is our twist on dog daycare.

it’s entirely outdoors, includes leash-free vineyard hikes, and takes a limited number of guests each day. 


we figured why not embrace Napa Valley’s idyllic weather and outdoor lifestyle?

so we took a leap of faith and started our business with the simple goal of giving other dogs what we’d like for our own pack. every adventure provides important ingredients that help dogs thrive and be the best version of themselves possible: social interaction, physical exercise, and the ability to make choices in a safe environment.

gator posing at the ranch

gator posing at the ranch


we affectionately call our HQ base camp. it’s where your dog starts and ends her day, greets her buddies, and meets new ones.


it’s been called the “fun factory” by clients and friends alike.

we’ve filled it with agricultural-inspired objects to climb on, run around and perch upon; beds and cots to lounge on; and rugged toys to satiate dogs’ innate need to chew, mouth, and carry. 

our base camp is approximately 4,000 square feet and is situated within a fully-fenced four acre vineyard.  by simply opening our back gate, we are able to take your dog — along with a few of her buddies — for a leash-free vineyard hike.  this is available each day for all dogs unless you request otherwise. 


limited occupancy (less is more)

over our many years living, playing, and working with dogs we’ve noticed they thrive in smaller, more intimate groups rather than large ones. 

from the very beginning we knew that we’d limit attendance to ten dogs each day.  on some days, it’s even fewer.  it simply depends on the energy level and personality of each dog. 


socialization is integral to a dog’s healthy psychological growth.  it’s defined as “making fit for life in companionship with others”.


we provide a thoughtful, curated environment that fosters positive experiences for your dog so that she has better coping skills in life… allowing her to become the best version of herself possible.

from imperceptible moments to obvious ones, dogs lives are incredibly complex and the mental stimulation they get from engaging with one another can often be as exhausting, if not more so, than physical exercise alone.  it’s good stuff and we provide a safe place for that.





we offer adventures for active dogs — dogs with messy, awesome, exciting lives. like most things in life there are risks and rewards in allowing dogs to play together + being outside.