i've always been a dog lover.  since the summer mom and dad brought home our very first puppy – a miniature French Poodle I named Fluffy.

Suzanne Lavallee — Lindsay Garvey. 2012

Suzanne Lavallee — Lindsay Garvey. 2012


you could call it kismet from that day on, but i had a different journey in life with limited access to dogs due to chronic asthma.

however 15 years later medicine improved drastically and with that my health, which opened the gateway for what would quickly become a lifelong passion. 

in 1992, i adopted my first dog.

in 1996, i learned of a protection sport called schutzhund and a breed called belgian malinois.  i embraced the learning curve and the adventure began.


over the years, i remember a few specific moments where i realized, even without knowing at the time, that i would create something unique.

one of those moments happened in the summer of 2011 during a weekend getaway in booneville, california. soaking in the solitude of a tiny cottage in a rural town, i realized this wasn't an ordinary place.

this trip was an inspiration -- a sensory overload with unforgettable colors, smells, textures, and people. i was inspired by the folks i met... creative individuals who were involved in something new and exciting.


i knew then that i wanted to build something fresh and totally devoted to dogs and their people.

suzanne + margaux

suzanne + margaux


the way i operate has always involved a mixture of uncertainty reinforced by intuition. 

call it a gut feeling.

back in 2012, there was no evidence to prove that my dream of dogventures would work.  i had no idea where i would end up or how i would get there.  but i knew what i wanted.

i wanted to create a service that would be useful.

i wanted to create this in my hometown of st. helena.

i wanted to create a space to share.

i wanted to create community.

above all things, i knew i couldn't do it alone.  and i didn't want to.  so i wrote an email to a whole lot of people.  i told them about my dream of dogventures.  on march 10, 2012 at 1 o'clock in the morning, i sat on our living room sofa near the fire and pressed send.